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Asset Management

Asset Management

With extensive experience in asset management, PropFolio has developed its own proprietary software to provide on-demand financial metrics and asset details. ​

  • Acquisition and Disposition Support

  • Business Planning

  • Budget Planning

  • Capital Expenditure Planning

  • Financial Analysis

  • Full Accounting Services

  • Reporting to Investors and Accounts

  • Equity Distribution to Investor

  • K1 Distributions

  • General Partner Support Structure

  • Waterfall Distributions 

  • And more

Acquisition and

Disposition Support

With experience in supporting over 35,000 real estate transactions in all asset classes, our team can bring true value in the acquisition or disposition strategy of any asset class that saves investors time and money. 





Business Planing 

We specialize in developing business plans that are tailored to every investor and their assets. We participate in this process to ensure the best understanding of maximizing efficiency and investor expectation. Most importantly, we help in the execution of the plan and its inner workings. 

Using our convenient owner portal allows you, the investor, to carefully track all income and expenses. We provide detailed reports and documentation for full transparency. We assist you will all tax filing, ensuring compliance with all regulations and laws, and simplifying your job.

Annual Budgets

Capital Expenditure Planning

We make all necessary analyses to ensure all capital expenditures are quoted via our nationwide vendors to guarantee the best possible price and workmanship. We finalize all negotiations and handle the full spectrum of dealing with the vendors.  Every payment is carefully reviewed and analyzed prior to payment ensure accuracy, avoid overcharges, and deliver timely payments. We account for all expenses and movement to easily track the project via our online platform. 

Equity  Distribution to investors

Via our complete ACH distribution center, we ensure all your investors are provided their respective earnings set by the general partners' time and frequency requirements. Our system electronically delivers the money to each of your investor's accounts.

Financial Analysis

Tracking in-depth financial activity and metrics such as IIR, Cash on Cash, ROI, and ROE of your asset(s) is made easy with our online portal. In addition, by the 20th of every month, you will receive our monthly investor statement, which details the income and expense activity of your asset(s). All receipts and invoices can be viewed online with detailed before-and-after pictures for ultimate transparency and tracking purposes. Easily access your account to review all financial data, simplifying your work by saving time and ultimately saving you money for annual required tax filings.


We design custom investor statements and reports that allow our general partners to look very professional with an image that suits their brand.  Our custom reporting has many financial metrics that can be added to ensure easy understanding of the performance of the assets. 

General Partnership Guidance 

With hundreds of structure partnership companies and excellent management of structures, we assist in the design and structures for the investor, syndicators, and Real Estate Investment Funds when needed, within our great general partnership companies or investment vehicle structures. Most importantly, we help maintain the partnerships or investment vehicles for investor payouts in a simple but professional manner.  

Waterfall Strcture 

We assist in the design of waterfall structures for investor syndicators and Real Estate Investment Funds when needed. Most importantly, we help track and calculate the waterfall structures for investor payouts in a simple but professional manner.  

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