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Residential Property Management

Condo, Single-Family,

Townhouses & Villas

With an extensive portfolio of Condos, Single-Family Homes, Townhouses, Apartments &  Villas the investor(s) can rest assured they will receive the highest returns possible from their investments with a complete and hassle-free solution without sacrificing incredible customer service. Below are just a few of the services we provide our clients.

  • Lease Procurement Coordination

    • In-Depth Tenant Screening

  • Rental, lease, and lease renewal preparation

  • Collection of rents, late fee(s) and any other required fees

    • Reporting unpaid charges to credit bureaus after 30 days 

  • Payment of all expenses

    • Mortgage, taxes, association fees, insurance, vendors, etc.

  • Insurance procurement assistance 

  • Cost-effective repair and maintenance

  • Tenant request and coordination (24/7)

  • Tenant eviction 

  • Monthly and annual accounting statements

    • Assistance in tax filing preparation 

    • Filing 1099 on your behalf

Owner Portal

Our proprietary technology will allow even the most novice investor to keep track of the status of their properties and performance. Don't settle for a monthly profit-and-loss report. Get access to live data, unlimited financial reports, visualization tools, and more.


  • Track all aspects of your property online

  • View all numbers online 

  • Track your property value online 





Tenant Procurement

We work with many local brokers to procure the best possible tenants for your investment(s). We participate in ensuring the best marketing strategy which allows you to receive the maximum rental rates possible in the area. We also follow up on your behalf to make sure the agent's strategies are executed as planned. Once a potential tenant is found, we run a complete and thorough credit, rental history, background, and employment check to ensure the highest probability of on-time payment and the lowest probability of problems. 

  • Complete Background Check

  • Rental Application

  • Security Deposit Collection

  • Online processes 

Lease Preparation

We provide proper lease documentation to ensure you have the paperwork protection you need by tailoring each document to the specific requirements of the apartment or building. We prepare lease renewals to properly document tenant extensions and assist on both rent-stabilized and free-market leases. We are kept well-informed of any changes in local and federal laws to make certain you are up-to-date on current regulations regarding Fair Housing and other requirements.

Rent Collection

Timely rent payments are critical to the success of any investor. Without income, expense and distribution payments cannot be made on time.

Not only do we help you select the tenants most likely to pay their rent on time, we facilitate rent payments directly on our website via online check or credit card payments, and also work with CVS or Seven-Eleven stores nationwide to collect the rent. This ensures that rent is paid seamlessly, on time, and efficiently.  For those tenants who don't pay on time, our highly-trained collection department has the ability to report unpaid charges to the credit bureaus and will continue to follow up consistently until all charges are collected.   

Payment Of All Expenses

We make all necessary payments for the property or properties we manage.  Every expense is carefully reviewed and analyzed prior to payment to ensure accuracy, avoid overcharges, and paid timely to avoid late fees. We account for all expenses, distributions and all income for easy tracking of profitability.  Investors can track all payments via our online portal with attached documentation supporting the payments made. 

Insurance Procurment

Given the complexity of insurance, having proper coverage makes all the difference when your asset experiences a loss. In order to ensure the insurance company will pay a claim, it is critical that you have adequate coverage with a credible carrier. Allow the XL apartment management team to help find you such an insurance policy at a competitive rate. Our team will obtain quotes for you and help guide you through every step of the process.

Tenant Management

With our vast experience in handling tenant requests, we know exactly what tenants expect. Through our customer request tracking system, our clients save time and money, while we maintain satisfied tenants. We handle all communications with the tenant(s). From answering their service requests to following up after the service or repair visits. Our back-office offers fully-trained experts 24/7 for emergencies. The team is trained in preventing a minor issue from becoming a catastrophic problem. 

Cost Effective Repair And Maintenace


By providing quick responses to all issues, we help keep small problems from growing into huge headaches. Coordination is also provided with when maintenance or repairs are required, We ensure the job is done quickly, correctly and with cost savings in mind. Maintenance of items like HVAC systems, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, and more, is all included in our expertise. With pre-negotiated labor and material costs, our clients benefit from the best price possible. All jobs are guaranteed to be delivered with the highest quality and by reliable companies with insurance.

Tenant Eviction

We handle all communications with the tenant, from answering their service requests to following up after the service or repair visits. Our call center is available 24/7 for emergencies. When necessary, we are fully capable of starting and handling the entire eviction process. 

Financial Accounting

Tracking in-depth financial activity and metrics such as IIR, Cash on Cash, ROI, and ROE of your asset is made easy with our online portal. In addition by the 20th of every month, you will receive our monthly Owner’s Statement, which details the income and expense activity of your asset(s). All receipts and invoices can be viewed online with detailed before-and-after pictures for ultimate transparency and tracking purposes. Easily gain access to all financial data, simplifying your work by saving time and ultimately saving you money for annual required tax filings. 

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